I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves -Harriet Tubman

“Go to school, Grow up, Get a Job.Find a girl and Get Married, have kids. Watch TV, drink just enough not to get arrested for it. Obey the law and Save for your old age.” That’s what they told me, that’s what they made me believe life is all about.

See society made me and culture cultivated these thoughts in me.Thoughts that no matter what you do, it will never be enough to quench this thirstness or be free of these shackles.Society nurtured this confusion, leaving me thinking that someone else who lives outside of me has the right to judge and tell us that it is okay to be slaves, I mean as long as you don’t have physical shackles it doesn’t matter right?

I do not want to lay on my death bed and wonder how much more I could have experienced in this life if my mind had been free of these bondages.In some way I do feel like what separates us humans from other animals is our ability to lie and deceive,and more often than not, it is our own minds that we deceive.

I know it’s been a minute and a half since I last wrote something on these pages. We are past the phase were I apologize and you just love me for being the procrastinator that I am.I did miss you though,and promise this won’t be another one night stand,will hang out with you more.

Growing up has been taking so much of my time these days, I hardly get to take a breather and the more I do this Adulting thing, the more it gets hard.

Why do I even keep at it,I ask myself, but then again why do successful people keep hustling?.Does it ever end when a goal comes true, or do we ever get to a point were we have no more wishes to wish and dreams to dream?.

The question is are we really free or is the freedom that we believe we carry with us just an illusion to make ourselves feel more at peace with the wrong choices we have made.

At the end of the day what matters is being true to yourself because after all is said and done it still feels like we are slaves.

Prisoners of faith, in this jail called religion.Slaves to our insecurities,always thinking we are not good enough.
We are slaves to our fears,always thinking we are not worth a second look. Prisoners to idolatry and wild passions,mistaking lust for love.
Abused and broken by those we thought could give us that missing part of ourselves, we are slaves to happy endings because we do not enjoy the beginnings.

So tell me dear slave,who is your Master these days?

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